Nomination form may be completed by the nominator, nominee or a combination thereof.
Business/Businessperson of the Year - (1) Briefly describe how the nominee is actively involved in the operation of the business. (2) Describe how the business has demonstrated creativity and innovation (e.g. in operations, marketing, products & services, etc.), as well as flexibility to change with the evolving business market. (3) Please provide a brief history of the business.
Community Service Award - Describe how the nominee has demonstrated a commitment to the community, through involvement in initiatives, organizations, investment in the lives of others, financial contributions, and/or other activities.
Alfreda Schmidt Lifetime Achievement Award - Candidates for this Award have a long history of going above and beyond to make Lansing a better place to live and work. Candidate is the epitome of service, commitment and tenacity.
Optional: You may attach additional files.